Old Man Engineering

Ken “the Old Man” Bainbridge Sr.
In our hearts forever.

After a 14 month fight against cancer. Ken passed away at his home in Amherst N.Y. February 9th, 2005 alongside Family and Friends.

My Dad had always said “I will not die from cancer, It will have to kill me.”

The Roman III

Designed and built by Dad. The car was way “ahead of its time”.


The very first modified, designed on graph paper and all hand made. The Roman III was years ahead of its time. It graced the cover of July 1980 Stock Car Racing magazine and had the featured article. 


Dad visited the local stock car races after being well know on the drag racing side in 1979. A guy was “picking” on Dad about being at the track on the wrong night and asked him why he was there. Dad replied “I’m gonna build one of these Modifieds”. That was met with more harassment. 



Dad came home and started drawing. Part of the design, to go with his drag racing roots, was to make the rear spoiler to look like the Top Fuel Funny Cars used at that time.